George W. Guttroff is the president and CEO of Ortho Organizers. He joined the company when he led the new management team in the acquisition of the company in August of 2005. Guttroff has been in the dental industry for more than 20 years and has served in executive management positions with companies such as Dentsply International, Zimmer Dental, and Sulzermedica.

OP: What type of orthodontic products does your company offer?

Guttroff: Ortho Organizers provides a full line of orthodontic products that allow dental professionals around the world to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of their patients. We focus on products that simplify clinical procedures, education that provides clinicians with the skills and confidence to improve patient outcomes, and programs that assist the orthodontist in promoting these procedures to the marketplace.

OP: What is your newest product on the market?

Guttroff: Ortho Organizers’ latest product is the passive, self-ligating CarriÈre LX bracket.

OP: How does it compare to other bracket systems?

Guttroff: The CarriÈre LX offers quick and easy archwire changes, low friction and force, and faster treatment time. Its locking mechanism is simple—it opens with an explorer and closes securely with the touch of a finger. The bracket offers several advantages for the orthodontist. The locking mechanism makes the bracket precise, gentle, and free-sliding. The closing direction of the slide is in the gingival direction, which doesn’t interfere with mastication. In severely crowded cases, especially in lower incisors, the opening of the slide toward the incisors makes it easier to insert the wire. Patients also benefit from the bracket’s nickel-free material and its anatomical contours, which make it very comfortable to wear.

OP: What is your most popular product?

Guttroff: Our intraoral appliances have consistently gained rapid market approval year after year. Class II malocclusions have traditionally presented treatment difficulties. Our Twin Force Bite Corrector is a fixed, interarch appliance with constant force for Class II correction. We also offer a Nitanium Palatal Expander that requires no lab work and can expand the patient’s palate without splitting the suture. When it comes to upper and lower lingual arch-developing appliances, our Transforce Arch Developers offer consistent clinical outcomes.