TADs are a great tool for moving teeth more quickly or accurately. Here are seven options for clinical cases in 2023.

Aarhus System Mini Implant Screws/TADs

Pairing premium materials with optimal sizing, Aarhus Mini-Screws, from American Orthodontics, yield a perfect balance of strength and working diameter for maximum clinical application. The material, Ti6I4V, is a high strength titanium alloy noted for its biocompatibility and corrosion resistance. The 1.5mm thread diameter permits placement in narrow inter-radicular spaces without sacrificing strength.

For more information, visit americanortho.com.

3D Printed TAD Expanders

As the leader in the advancement of TAD based and 3D-printed orthodontic expansion devices, Specialty Appliances works with orthodontic and dental professionals nationwide to develop unique treatment solutions on a case by case basis. Offering a wide range of design possibilities, the fusion of TAD based and 3D printed appliances eliminates separator appointments and yields highly effective and predictable treatment results.

For more information, visit specialtyappliances.com.

OrthoEasy Pal

OrthoEasy Pal was developed by Forestadent USA specifically for the anchorage in the palate. Now appliances for palatal expansion and distalization or mesialization can be attached quicker and easier. The head of the OrthoEasy Pal is equipped with a practical inner thread so the abutments can simply be attached with a retaining screw.

For more information, visit forestadentusa.com.

TAD Springs

Modern Arch’s NiTi TAD and Retraction Springs are available in low, medium, and high forces (.009″ x .030″, 010″ x .030″, and .012″ x .030″, both in 9 mm and 12 mm). The NiTi springs are easily ligated for distalization of molars or with your expander treatment plans. The spring’s force gradients range from 100 gm to 200 gm depending on the deformation used and your wire dimension. Shipping is quick as we have a full supply always available for your clinical needs.

For more information, visit modernarches.com.

3D TAD Assisted RPE (MARPE)

The 3D TAD Assisted RPE, from DynaFlex, is a variation of the MARPE combined with the digital workflow and custom fit of 3D printed bands. It is ideal for achieving non-surgical expansion in adult patients. Expansion screws are available in 8 mm, 10 mm, or 12 mm.

For more information, visit dynaflex.com.

Smart Anchors

GNI Orthodontics’ unique manufacturing technique maximizes Smart Anchor’s body strength and precision. Various size and head options, as well as various diameter and length options, available to provide customized experiences to hands-on professionals.

For more information, visit gniortho.com.

TADs for CAD-CAM Expanders

Now use Leone CAD-CAM expanders to manufacture customized appliances with dental anchorage, hybrid (teeth and TADs), and bone borne. Full transmission of the expansion forces to teeth and/or TADs, and treatment efficiency, especially with maxillary expansion in adult patients with two or four TADs, is ensured with Leone CAD-CAM expanders.

For more information, visit leoneamerica.com.