When it comes to bonding, the right products can make all the difference in an efficient appointment and a reliable bond. Here are seven products currently on the market.

A Versatile Composite

Light cure TKO Multi Purpose Composite from Reliance Orthodontics is a versatile composite with strength and a low modulus of elasticity that is effective in both laboratory and chairside applications. The low impact resin matrix forms occlusal buildups and molded bite ramps without opposing enamel wear while reducing patient discomfort. According to the company, TKO is equally effective for quick, secure repairs of broken acrylic appliances and serves as an excellent block out material. Pink in shade, TKO matches acrylic for esthetic repairs and contrasts enamel for clean removal. Needle tip dispensing ensures accurate and ergonomic placement. Supplied in a 3.4g syringe with five tips. 

For more information, visit relianceorthodontics.com.

A Single Paste System

BracePaste Band and Build LC from American Orthodontics is a fluoride releasing, light cure band cement. The blue color of BracePaste Band and Build LC is intended to allow for easy clean up. According to the company, BracePaste Band and Build LC provides optimum bonding of molar bands and will not wear on opposing enamel. It is a single paste system with no mixing required and no working time constraints. BracePaste Band and Build LC is available in syringes and is stored at room temperature.

For more information, visit americanortho.com

The Orthodontic Swiss Army Knife

The Norris Triple Tool from DynaFlex is a double-ended instrument that serves as a bracket door opener, a positioner, and a measuring gauge to make bonding full cases easier. Each end has a built-in ruler to gauge precise placement of brackets and molar tubes. The first end has a straight tip for anterior placement, while the opposite end has an angled tip for positioning those hard-to-reach molars. The narrow tips reportedly also work great at cleaning up any flash left on the tooth. As the company described it, the Norris Triple Tool is “the Swiss Army tool of orthodontic instruments.”

For more information, visit dynaflex.com/norris2026/#tools

A Universal Sealant

Ortho Solo from Ormco is a universal sealant and bonding primer for use with light cure and chemical cure bonding systems. Ortho Solo’s hydrophilic property reportedly makes it moisture tolerant for optimal and reliable orthodontic bonding. According to the company, Ortho Solo incorporates a bond-enhancing property that improves adhesion to the tooth at the adhesive interface. The glass filler, unique to Ortho Solo, is designed to act as a stress and shock absorber, helping prevent cracks that can lead to bond failures.

For more information, visit ormco.com

The Secure Set

Modern Arch offers its Secure Set Light Cure Products. Syringes have 5 grams each of Blue Cement or Dental White Adhesive and 10 ml each of etch or sealant. The set includes the OrthoVita Light Cure Orthodontic Bracket Adhesive, an all-purpose adhesive that can be used on metal, porcelain, and plastic brackets, and the OrthoVita Light Cure Band Cement, which can be used to bond brackets, lingual retainers, and large acrylic appliances. The company offers one and two syringe kits, as well as bags of 40 single patient compules.

For more information, visit modernarches.com

Fewer Overall Bonding Steps

The 3M APC Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System from 3M Oral Care offers innovative design with next generation, resin-soaked nonwoven mats that adhere to the enamel for a more reliable bond that also eliminates the process of flash removal. According to the company, the APC Flash-Free Adhesive requires fewer overall bonding steps than traditional light-cure adhesive systems, which reduces bonding time and is available on an array of 3M products to treat esthetically without compromise.

For more information, visit 3m.com/ortho

A Full Line of Adhesives

T​​he Ortho-Vita line of orthodontic adhesives from OrthoEssentials includes a Light Cure Bracket Adhesive as well as a Light Cure Band Cement. Both items are available in full kits and introductory kits. 

For more information, visit orthoessentials.net.

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