For Dentaurum USA, 2015 is a milestone year. The Pennsylvania-based company is marking the 10-year anniversary of the launch of its tomas® TAD system, and doing so with a special TAD-focused conference in November. Orthodontic Products spoke to George Gelinas, general manager of Dentaurum USA, about what attendees can expect at this event and about what’s next for the company.

How has the tomas TAD system evolved over the last 10 years?

Since the launch of the tomas TAD system 10 years ago during the 2005 AAO in San Francisco, the product line has evolved into a more comprehensive TAD system. One of our first changes was to expand beyond self-tapping TADs by adding self-drilling TADs to the program. Today, the TAD market in the United States is predominantly self-drilling. Another market innovation was the introduction of the tomas-auxiliary kit. This kit provides the practitioner with an array of TAD-specific auxiliaries for either direct or indirect TAD mechanics. Today, our tomas auxiliaries are constantly evolving to keep pace with the advancement of TAD-based orthodontic mechanics and treatment.

During 2016, tomas is set to evolve again and we at Dentaurum are excited regarding this coming refinement of the tomas system.

Tell us about the program for the upcoming 10th anniversary TAD-focused conference.

This will be an exciting program worthy of the industry-leading TAD System. We have engaged three top lecturers in the field, Joseph Petrey, MPH, DMD, MS, Jay Bowman, DMD, MSD, and Sebastian Baumgaertel, DMD, MSD, FRCD(C). Participants will learn the latest best techniques for ensuring a high success rate by mastering effective TAD placement and mechanics. We will see complicated cases treated in uncomplicated ways, clear instructions on proper mini-implant use, and techniques to dispel the apprehension that often attends first-time TAD placement.

The conference will take place in Boca Raton, Fla, at the beautiful Boca Raton Resort & Club. The registration deadline is November 1, 2015; but interested doctors should be aware that seats are filling up quickly.

Dentaurum has reserved a block of rooms for participants at special rates starting at $249 plus applicable taxes and fees.

What else is Dentaurum focusing on these days?

We are very excited about the response to our discovery® pearl translucent polycrystalline twin bracket. As everyone knows, patient demand for aesthetic brackets is growing at double-digit rates. discovery pearl puts an aesthetic bracket in the orthodontist’s hand, which is as strong as metal and debonds easily and cleanly every time.

In the laboratory products category, our new Orthocryl® LC light-curing acrylic is meeting with enthusiastic response in orthodontic practice labs due to the complete absence of monomers with their attendant smell and allergenic risk. After only 6 minutes of light curing, Orthocryl LC yields a durable and colorful appliance.

As a company, Dentaurum USA has seen some changes. How will these changes affect and benefit customers?

After 30 years in the US market, Dentaurum USA is being remade. We offer a full range of the finest orthodontic materials for the highest quality orthodontists. Still, we have been mostly known as a lab products company. We mean to change that.

With so many worthy competitors on the market, offering products of the highest quality is no longer enough. Our inside staff, from customer service to shipping, has been trained to treat every customer and every order as the most important one of the day. Beyond this, it is critical that the salespeople in customer contact are the most competent in the industry. To this end, we have developed a 6-week training program, including instruction at our German headquarters, as well as a 2-year follow-up training program for every new salesperson. Dentaurum customers will recognize that each area sales manager is a serious professional who will bring tangible value to the relationship.

What do you see as the next “big thing” in orthodontics?

For me, there is no question that the next “big thing” is already here and that is digital technology. I think one of the greatest challenges to traditional orthodontics will be the empowerment of patients who are able to have clear aligners inexpensively printed from digital scans at the location of their choice. Doctors will have to emphasize their competence and trustworthiness to keep patients from seeking cheaper alternatives. Labs will have to make themselves indispensable to doctors by offering value-added digital services such as the ability to digitally remove brackets from scans of treated-out cases prior to debonding. This way a retainer can be manufactured in advance of the debonding appointment saving one extra visit per patient. Those who embrace digital technology will continue to grow for some time to come. OP