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David Sarver, DMD, MS

Carestream Dental, Rochester, NY, has donated a CS 9300C digital imaging system in honor of orthodontist David Sarver, DMD, MS, of Sarver Orthodontics, Birmingham, to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Dentistry.

The donation comes as part of a lifetime achievement award given to Sarver in recognition of almost 20 years consulting for Carestream Dental. During that time, Sarver played an important role in designing and developing CS Orthodontic Imaging software. Sarver is also the designer of the Sarver Analysis Module for CS Orthodontic Imaging and CS OrthoTrac practice management software.

In honor of his dedication to advancing the specialty of orthodontics, Carestream Dental donated the CS 9300C to the university of his choosing.

“I served at UAB as a clinical associate professor for 15 years and worked closely with many teachers at the university,” Sarver said. “I appreciate their dedication to both their students and the dental profession. I owe them a real debt personally and it was a simple choice for me to designate UAB as the recipient of Carestream Dental’s very generous gift.”

The CS 9300C is a four-in-one system that features panoramic, CBCT, and the cephalometric imaging that is vital to orthodontics, as well as the ability to scan PVS impressions and stone models. With the technology, UAB students will be able to familiarize themselves with seven selectable fields of view, from single/dual jaw to maxillofacial options. They can also practice the ALARA (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) principle with Low Dose and Fast Scan modes, which are particularly beneficial to young patients the students will one day be treating, the company says.

The CS 9300C digital imaging system from Carestream

The CS 9300C digital imaging system from Carestream