New Products

Opal Instruments by Hammacher

Opal Orthodontics, South Jordan, Utah, has launched New Opal® Instruments by Hammacher.® Handcrafted in Germany, the new instruments are made from medical-grade stainless steel and/or tungsten carbide to resist corrosion. Each piece features a box lock joint designed for strength and ease of cleaning. The instruments, which include pliers and cutters, all have rounded working edges.

Opal Orthodontics
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eFiber for Invisible Bonded Lingual Retainers

PREAT Corp, Santa Ynez, Calif, offers eFiber for invisible bonded lingual retainers. eFiber is a translucent e-glass fiber impregnated with both PMMA and Bis-GMA, designed for the fabrication of aesthetic, non-invasive, metal-free lingual retainers. According to the company, eFiber can be adapted to each patient’s tooth anatomy and allows engagement of the interproximal areas. eFiber is light-cured and can be finished and polished to a smooth, non-irritating surface. Retainers can be fabricated in one visit. eFiber is also indicated for space maintainers and periodontal splints.

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Damon Clear Lower Brackets

Ormco, Orange, Calif, now offers its Damon Clear appliances for treating the lower arch. The Damon Clear lower brackets, available for lower 3-3 anterior teeth, follow the same design as the original Damon Clear brackets used for upper arch movement, and are manufactured with identical materials. According to the company, Damon Clear braces are optimized for bond strength and opening/closing forces. In addition, they are resistant to staining and allow wires to move within the brackets.

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Denar Deprogrammer

Whip Mix, Louisville, Ky, now offers the Denar® Deprogrammer. Part of a four-step diagnostic process to determine if headaches and sore muscles are due to occlusal interferences, the Denar Deprogrammer fits both Class I and Class II patients. According to the company, the device has a flat, permissive surface so the teeth are able to move freely. It fits both the upper and lower anterior teeth, and can also be used to create a centric stop when taking bite records.

Whip Mix
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In-Office Visual Display System

Kaleidoscope, San Rafael, Calif, offers the Kaleidoscope visual display system for waiting rooms in orthodontic practices. Kaleidoscope can be used as an in-office marketing tool by featuring customized content about the practice and its services. Users can upload their own photos, videos, and custom messages to feature the practice team, customers, products, special offers, and community events. The system also features an image library and high-definition videos. The latest news, entertainment, and weather information can also be displayed.

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