On the Market
Curing Light
First Medica introduces LED Blast, a cordless and portable curing light generated by a chip-on-board LED system. No heat or bulbs are required to deliver a power output of 1,100 to 1,500 mW and an average cure time of 3 to 8 seconds. Improved metal hydride batteries allow all-day use. An 11-mm light guide and a tip-resistant charger base are included. A countdown timer beeps every 5 seconds and has 5-, 10-, 20-, and 30-second interruptible cycles. LED Blast has a 2-year warranty.
For more information, contact First Medica, 3704-C Boren Dr, Greensboro, NC 27407; (800) 777-7072; www.firstmedica.com.
Self-Ligating Bracket System
Ortho Organizers introduces the nickel-free CarriÈre LX™ Self-Ligating Bracket (SLB) System, a passive system that can be activated when more force in needed. The CarriÈre LX includes color coding for easy identification and fast placement, and a micro-etched surface that increases bond strength. The bracket system provides low friction and enhanced patient comfort. Its locking mechanism, located in the bracket face, features a dual-lock fastener and opens easily with an explorer and closes with the touch of a finger, offering easy archwire changes. Other features include a torque-in-base/compound-contour for precision, control, and accurate fit; beveled edges that reduce friction and enhance sliding; and tie wings for chain elastics or conventional ligation.
For more information, please contact Ortho Organizers, 1619 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078; (760) 471-0206; www.orthoorganizers.com.
Power Toothbrush
Sonicare offers the Elite® e9000 series power toothbrush, which is available in two brush sizes. The standard-size brush may be used for a complete cleaning. The compact-size brush is 30% smaller than the standard-size brush and is used for hard-to-reach areas. The toothbrush features two cleaning modes: Max cleaning mode, for a thorough, everyday cleaning; and Gentle cleaning mode, for sensitive areas of the mouth.
For more information, contact Sonicare, 1010 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT 06912; (800) 676-7664; www.sonicare.com.
Motion-Sensitive Visualization System
OrthoClear Inc offers OrthoTouch™, which uses motion-sensing gloves to help clinicians maneuver a patient’s 3-D dental image. The gloves provide five-finger feedback to the clinician’s desktop, which translates to specific tooth movements. OrthoTouch provides orthodontists with the ability to interact with their patients’ OrthoView digital models using specially designed gloves and a holographic display that provides 3-D visualization.
For more information, contact OrthoClear Inc, 580 California St, Suite 1725, San Francisco, CA 94104; (800) 808-7173; www.orthoclear.com.
Digital Camera
Clinipix Inc introduces the Samsung GX-1S Digital SLR camera, which features a stainless-steel chassis and a rear, 2.5-inch LCD screen. The 6.3 megapixel camera has three levels of resolution, with a maximum of 3008 x 2008. The camera also includes a Schneider Xenon 18- to 55-mm autofocus zoom lens for recreational use and an SLR viewfinder that accepts most standard Pentax mount lenses. The GX-1S is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems, uses digital memory cards, and is powered by four standard AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries. The 105-mm macro lens focuses from almost a 2x ratio to infinity in either manual or auto-focus mode. The F:2.8 lens ensures a bright, easy-to-see image in the viewfinder. A TTL exposure control provides accurate exposures, and the kit offers the choice of ring-light for full and even illumination in the oral cavity or point-light to show heightened depth perception. The camera package includes a 256-Mb SD card, a USB card reader, a NiMH recharger kit, a stainless-steel mirror, retractors, a fitted hard case, and imaging and printing software. Dental-related instructions and unlimited toll-free telephone support are included.
For more information, contact Clinipix Inc, 11924 W Forest Hill Blvd, Suite 22, Wellington, FL 33414; (866) CLINIPIX; www.clinipix-on-line.com.
Remoldable Mouthguard
Great Lakes Orthodontics introduces the Ortho Mouthguard, a boil and bite guard designed for kids who wear braces. The remoldable guard protects lips and teeth from impact when used during sports or athletic activity without damaging brackets or wires. The guard’s bottom,moldable portion is made from ethylvinylacetate (EVA) material and, when heated, easily molds to teeth, providing an exceptional fit. The top protective portion of the guard is made from polyvinylchloride (PVC) material. The PVC material provides protection but has a much higher melting point than the EVA material, preventing it from molding around brackets or wires. The Ortho Mouthguard is available in pink and purple with or without a strap.
For more information, contact Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd, 200 Cooper Ave, Tonawanda, NY 14151-5111; (800) 828-7626; www.greatlakesortho.com.