On the Market

Microimplant Book
Great Lakes Orthodontics offers Microimplants in Orthodontics, a book written by J.H. Sung, H.M. Kyung, S.M. Bae, H.S. Park, O.W. Kwon, and James A. McNamara, Jr. The reference guide provides an overview of microimplant usage for orthodontic anchorage based on directional force mechanics. The full-color volume features a brief history of skeletal anchorage in orthodontics and the development of microimplants, as well as guides to selecting microimplant sites and sizes, surgical placement and removal procedures, biomechanics of implant anchorage, and clinical case reports.

For additional information, contact Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd, 200 Cooper Ave, PO Box 5111, Tonawanda, NY 14151-5111; (800) 828-7626; www.greatlakesortho.com.

Curing Light
DentLight offers the Fusion Curing Light, a portable LED curing light that delivers strong intensity and long curing depth. The light takes less than 5 seconds to cure for A3 and lighter shades. According to the company, it cures composites quickly and deeply with a focused beam. The Fusion is lightweight and features 1,500 mW/cm2, pocket-size portability, and a rechargeable battery. The cordless LED light is quiet; does not have a fan; and is made from smooth, anodized aluminum with optimum heat dissipation for extended working time.

For more information, contact Dentlight Inc, 1411 E Campbell Rd, Suite 500, Richardson, TX 75082; (800) 763-6901; www.dentlight.com.

Crown and Bridge Material
J. Morita offers CB Temp, a temporary crown and bridge material available in an auto-mix mini syringe. CB Temp is easy to use and biocompatible, and it provides a bubble-free application and a natural look. CB Temp is resistant to fractures and is suitable for long-span bridges. It does not cause pulpal irritation and it has a low polymerization shrinkage, allowing a precise marginal fit, according to the company. CB is available in shades A2 and A3.

For more information, contact J. Morita, 9 Mason, Irvine, CA 92618 (888) JMORITA; www.jmoritausa.com.

Lab Coats
Doc’s Duds offers two styles of antimicrobial lab coats: the Wayne and the Betty. The full-length Wayne lab coat (pictured) features two large, pleated pockets with side openings, a single breast pocket, and back belt detail. The garment is available in white in even sizes, 40 to 52. The three-quarter-length Betty lab coat has been detailed with a Mandarin collar, full-length sleeves, patch pockets, and a full-front two-way zipper that runs from the collar to the hem. The garment is available in white, khaki, and navy, in even sizes 4 to 18. The company also offers a men’s and women’s line of knitted tee tops and women’s pants to complement its lab coats.

For more information, contact Doc’s Duds LLC, 92 Half Mile Rd, Red Bank, NJ 07701; (732) 219-0060; www.docsduds.com.

Orthodontic Handpieces
KaVo Dental introduces the SUPERtorque LUX 659B and the POWERtorque 646B air-driven, cellular optic, high-speed handpieces. The quiet SUPERtorque LUX 659B delivers increased torque for fast, efficient preparations and features a patented handpiece angle combination for improved access and maneuverability. The four-port water spray ensures complete cooling of the bur and extends bur life. The POWERtorque LUX 646B delivers high torque and quiet operation with a single-port water spray. Both handpieces fit onto any existing manufacturer’s fiber-optic tubing with the versatile MULTIflex quick-disconnect coupler. When maintained with the KaVo QUATTROcare automatic maintenance system, all KaVo high-speed handpieces feature a 21¼2-year warranty. The standard warranty is 2 years. KaVo offers three product lines of air-driven handpieces.

For more information, contact KaVo, 340 E Main St, Lake Zurich, IL 60047; (888) ASK-KAVO; www.kavousa.com.

White Varnish
OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals offers Vanish® 5% sodium fluoride white varnish that virtually disappears after application. Its flow characteristics allow Vanish to reach areas that yellow varnishes may miss. The varnish comes in cherry and melon flavors. It is available in a bulk package that contains 1,000 unit-doses and applicator brushes.

For more information, contact OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals, 1500 N Florida Mango Rd, Suite 1, West Palm Beach, FL 33409; (800) 445-3386; www.omnipharma.com.

Preregistration Web Site
SubmitPatientForms.com introduces its Web site, which allows new or existing patients to register and fill out their Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act agreement, as well as medical and dental forms, online before they come into the office. The service is free to patients. Orthodontists pay a low monthly fee. The site identifies medical problems, allergies, and the necessity for premedication before the patient arrives. It also allows the staff to verify a patient’s insurance ahead of time.

For additional information, contact Keith Rossein, DDS, 500 Birch Rd, Malverne, NY 11565; (516) 593-3806; www.ImplantNewsandViews.com; www.SubmitPatientForms.com.

Product Catalog
LeoneAmerica introduces a full-color catalog. The catalog is divided into 10 color-coded sections, which allows customers to find what they’re looking for quickly. Full-color photographs and illustrations allow orthodontists to see the entire line of bands, brackets, tubing, expansors, and accessories.

The catalog is available for downloading at americantooth.com and leone.it. A hard-copy version is also available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

For more information, contact LeoneAmerica, 501 W Van Buren, Suite S, Avondale, AZ 85353; (800) 242-9986; www.americantooth.com.