OraCoat_XyliGelOraCoat®, a division of OraHealth Corp, Bellevue, Wash, offers a line of all-natural products for use by orthodontic patients suffering from brace irritation and difficulty brushing their teeth with braces. OraCoat XyliGel® is the newest addition to the company’s product line, which also includes OraCoat H-B12 Melts®.

OraCoat H-B12 Melts provide pain relief and healing support for mouth sores, cuts, wounds, brace irritation, and mouth ulcers. These adhering discs contain active ingredients hyaluronan and bioactive B12.

OraCoat XyliGel is formulated to prevent permanent damage to tooth enamel from tooth decay resulting from food and plaque getting trapped between the brackets and wires. OraCoat XyliGel neutralizes acids in the mouth with a buffered pH of 7.4 and holds 17% xylitol against the teeth to reduce plaque formation. It stimulates saliva production and coats the mouth and lips to relieve dry mouth. XyliGel is appropriate for daytime and nighttime use.

Both products can be used by pediatric patients.