with Ron Baron, Masel

Ron Baron has been working at Masel for more than 14 years. Baron started as a sales manager and later became director of sales. In 2003, he was asked to take over as general manager and run the company.

OP: Masel has been in business for 100 years. What contributes to your success?

Baron: We have always tried very hard to take care of our internal customers—our staff—first. If our employees and teammates are happy and we provide a nurturing, fun environment to work in, they will give back by taking care of our external customers. Being a family-owned business for 90 of our 100 years helped to lay a great foundation for who we are today.

Our team members come to work every day accepting the challenges and the stress of our growing business.  

OP: What new orthodontic products does Masel offer?

Baron: We are in midlaunch of a great new product called the Lombardi Bionator Bite Appliance (LBBA), which was modified by Drew Lombardi, DDS, who took an existing Masel product and modified it for patients who brux and grind. LBBA is also effective in facilitating bite-opening and preparing the patient to be bonded for full case treatment. Masel has also launched a new series of brackets called Bravo Excel. The bracket itself has more than 10 design changes and improvements from our original Bravo bracket. The bracket comes patient-ready in its own dispensing system. There are also wells for bonding materials and molar bands.

OP: What is your most popular product and why?

Baron: I think our claim to fame is our line of arch­wires, and in particular, our archwire auxiliaries. We have been offering a variety of these products for more than 20 years.

OP: Where do you see the orthodontic industry heading?

Baron: Like in many industries, innovation and total commitment to service rule the roost. I believe that for companies that dedicate themselves to the task of service, particularly those on the service side, the future is bright. Of course, emerging economies such as China, Brazil, India, and Russia are expanding the playing field, and the technology curve is enhancing our industry as a whole.