The Disney collaboration introduces brackets in the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears, as well as elastics featuring other popular characters, including Finding Nemo’s Dory and Frozen’s Olaf. 

WildSmiles Braces has launched its first-ever collaboration with Disney. The Disney Collection features brackets in the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. 

The full collection includes colored elastics featuring other popular Disney character, such as Dory from “Finding Nemo” and Olaf from “Frozen.” 

The company’s original Signature Collection comes in six classic shape brackets, including hearts and stars, while its College Collection offers 19 college mascots, including the Auburn Tigers and Kansas State Wildcats. 

To find out more about the collaboration with Disney and how designer braces can positively impact patient engagement during treatment, Orthodontic Products spoke to Clarke Stevens, DDS, MS, founder of WildSmiles Braces. 

Orthodontic Products: What drives the collaborations WildSmiles seeks out with companies like Disney?

Clarke Stevens, DDS, MS: Collaborations with Disney and sports teams are driven by our passion for creating fun braces. We wake up every day dreaming about how we can build excitement with patients for their braces experience, making it easy for them to feel confident and happy with their braces. These collaborations also provide the orthodontist with engaging appliance choices which maximize case acceptance for our partner practices.

disney elastics

OP: With the Disney collaboration, was there a particular demographic that WildSmiles thought this design would serve?

Stevens: Our collaboration with Disney is focused on enhancing the braces experience for our traditional demographic of patients 14 and under, specifically 11 and under patients. However, over the years we have received requests from adult patients for Disney and sport-themed products. Our market research finds that Mickey Braces, and the larger Disney Collection, will be widely accepted by adult women who love the Disney brand and are interested in an aesthetic orthodontic appliance and a unique braces experience.

OP: How can orthodontists integrate these brackets into their practice?

Stevens: No one wants just another thing to offer, so integrating WildSmiles into any practice is simple and a great way to level up the new patient appointment experience. We work hand-in-hand with partner practices to ensure they achieve their practice goals. Our kick-off call is designed to introduce the practice team to the brand and show how WildSmiles benefits every layer of the patient’s orthodontic experience; as well as how our designer shapes will turn shoppers into new starts. The EasyStart Kits provide everything any practice needs for a successful launch; and our implementation team will travel to the practice and show them what they need to know to get the most from WildSmiles. We’ll discuss how to talk to interested parents and patients and what they need to say to close more treatment plans with WildSmiles. We make new case acceptance easy, simply hand patients our flip chart and ask, ‘Which style do you want?’ 

OP: How do you recommend orthodontists promote this offering in their practice?

Stevens: Marketing is provided that will support practices in any of their practice marketing efforts. At the most basic level, offering WildSmiles is very simple. We recommend integrating WildSmiles as an appliance option presented to all new patients in all new patient appointments. Our flip chart is designed to easily display the appliance in the new patient room and around the office. Young patients have a natural affinity for WildSmiles. Many providers present the WildSmiles collections, along with colored ligatures, as the only bracket choice for early treatment patients, reinforcing their commitment to young patient care. In fact, 70% of patients 11 and younger choose WildSmiles. When young patients can choose their braces, it builds ownership and excitement for their entire orthodontic experience. Phase One orthodontics with fixed appliances, stylish shapes, and fun colors provides a seamless transition into Phase Two. OP