The BioQuick bracket is an integral part of both the PhysioDynamic and Forestadent FACE Evolution Systems.

For Forestadent, it’s not just physical expansion, but a number of new products and educational opportunities that are helping the company evolve to offer an expanded platform to orthodontists. Orthodontic Products recently spoke with Dan Castner, CEO of Forestadent USA, about the company’s offerings.

What’s new at Forestadent?

In early 2015, we completed a $12 million expansion of our manufacturing facility located in Pforzheim, Germany, allowing us to expand our research and development facility along with our execution strategy, especially within our metal and ceramic injection molding center. We have also added a training facility in Pforzheim, which will be the first of three locations for JSOP Europe, featuring Ron Roncone, DDS, MS, over the next 2 years. The first session begins March 17 to 19, 2016, and we extend an invitation to anyone interested.

Forestadent Germany and USA in St Louis have recently opened up a state-of-the-art Digital Laboratory. We are now providing orthodontists the entire platform, which will allow a practice to internalize their design and fabrication of appliances used in aligner therapy. This includes customized retainers, aligners, and other custom appliances. Combined with our partnerships with Orchestrate 3D, Envision Tec, and Carestream, we feel that we are well aligned to digitally integrate with practices that have migrated over to in-office scanning.

Last, we have formed a new partnership with the FACE Group. These doctors were some of the original followers and teachers for the Roth-Williams Group and are passionate about taking orthodontic treatment excellence to the next level. The FACE Group has formed a partnership with several universities to teach a Six-Series FACE Course starting in October 2015 at Boston University.

What’s new with the FACE Evolution System?

We just introduced our new QuicKlear III FACE Evolution System, which is a generation four appliance. This system integrates with the BioQuick FACE Metal System and is available in both a hybrid (passive) and nonpassive bracket slots. This is a lower profile bracket with a reinforced clip. The clip is removable and replaceable, which can be a big benefit.

Tell us about the FACE Philosophy and who makes a good candidate for it.

Every patient is a good candidate! Patient benefits are centered on complete and thorough diagnosis, providing the doctor and staff clear treatment goals. The cornerstones of the treatment philosophy are: (1) Achieving Proper Joint Function, CO=CR; (2) Forming a Well Occluded Dentition; (3) Achieving Optimal Anterior Guidance; and (4) Gaining Ideal Facial Proportions.

The FACE Program is the world’s only postgraduate interdisciplinary continuing education program. Offered in 20 countries by an esteemed team of instructors, this unique program offers a lifetime learning forum with thousands of doctors.

Any new developments in Forestadent’s partnership with Roncone Orthodontics International (ROI)?

Dr Roncone has developed and refined both his clinical and business systems over the years.  In the last 2 years we have been working with Dr Roncone, he has trained hundreds of orthodontists and many have attended his three-session course, which is the most comprehensive program in orthodontics today. The JSOP Program is a life-changing experience, and I would recommend it to new, mid-career, and more established practices. It has truly transformed practices, enabling them to achieve higher profits, higher production, and a better balance in life for the practitioner/business owner.

ROI is adding an advanced mechanics courses to be held in December and will also add a treatment coordinator sales program in May 2016. The next JSOP starts in November 2015.

What’s next for the Physio-Dynamic System (PDS)?

PDS is an integrated, directional force system of treating malocclusions to a functional, aesthetic result. Recently, we introduced the system in the QuicKlear III System. Additionally, Dr Roncone has completed a comprehensive user guide to the PDS System that is now available.

The engine behind PDS is new alloy wires recently developed, which include duo .014 SE wires in a new PDS Universal Arch form. We have also recently introduced a new PDS Weingart used to activate the PDS Beta Titanium P-Loop wires, which is a wire that can save two to three wires in a typical wire sequence.

When will the upgraded FACE Evolution and PDS be available to customers?

They are available now. In addition, a new Partnership Program we recently added will include full tuition for either the JSOP Course or FACE Course at no charge for practices that incorporate the appliance systems in their offices. OP