Focus on 3D Technology

Dolphin Imaging

Dolphin Imaging, Chatsworth, Calif, offers version 11 of its 3D module, with two new treatment VTOs. Some features include: airway/sinus analysis, which automatically locates and measures airway or sinus volume, calculates the most constricted area, and displays in color for visual acuity; volume sculpting, which isolates and extracts the condyles, maxilla, and mandible, and removes irrelevant data, such as appliance scatters, without compromising the integrity of the surrounding soft-tissue data; mirroring analysis, which provides volume and facial-surface mirroring to visually detect hard-and soft-tissue asymmetry; dual volume superimposition, which provides superimposed volume scans from different time points to visually track treatment changes in bones and in airways; and facial wrapping, which creates a 3D image by wrapping a 2D frontal photo over a volumetric data set to bring an instantaneous “wow” factor to your presentation.

Two new treatment-simulation VTOs also are included. The Roth-Williams/AEO VTO Wizard automates the process of gathering and evaluating data for practitioners of the Roth/Ricketts VTO philosophies. The Arnett/Gunson FAB Analyses is an optional module and part of Dolphin’s new Legend Series. According to the company, this software package enhances the clinician’s ability to quickly assess patients using Dr G. William Arnett’s proven methodology of evaluating the face, airway, and bite. Dolphin products integrate with existing systems and are backed by around-the-clock technical support.

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Imaging Sciences International

Imaging Sciences International, Hatfield, Pa, offers its i-CAT® Cone Beam 3D dental imaging technology for orthodontic patient treatment, diagnosis, and surgical predictability. The i-CAT features an extended field of view to capture cephalometric 3D images of the entire skull—up to 17 cm in height and 23 cm in diameter. An amorphous silicon flat-panel sensor can be adjusted to capture data in portrait and landscape views, with automatic collimation to scan smaller fields of view for focused treatment areas—down to 4 cm in height. The i-CAT is DICOM 3 compatible and integrates with third-party applications, including Dolphin®.

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GeoDigm Corp

GeoDigm Corp, Chanhassen, Minn, introduces its emodel® 3D digital dental models, which are created using a patented, 3D laser scanning process. The scanning process captures multiple bite relationships (CO, CR, and excursive) and analyzes them in the emodel treatment-planning software, which includes segmentation and eplan® digital setup tools. The treatment options can then be animated to enhance patient consultations. To reduce bracket seating time and improve bracket placement, GeoDigm also offers eplacement® indirect bonding trays.

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Cadent, Carlstadt, NJ, has rebranded its OrthoCAD digital study model as OrthoCAD iCast™. OrthoCAD iCast digital study models allow practitioners to visualize cases electronically without the need to create and store plaster models. Orthodontists can assess case complexities on pretreatment models and review clinical treatment results instantly through multiple sites. If a second opinion is needed, the orthodontist can electronically collaborate with colleagues on a treatment plan. With iCast, a digital copy of all data and measurements is created and saved at Cadent’s service center for 14 years. As part of the certification process, the American Board of Orthodontists now accepts digital study models submitted by orthodontists in lieu of pretreatment hard casts—another benefit of using digital study models in the orthodontic practice.

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Sirona Dental Systems

Sirona Dental Systems, Charlotte, NC, offers its Galileos Comfort 3D Cone Beam Imaging technology, which produces a high-efficiency scan of 150 µm voxel resolution with a low radiation dose and a large field of view. The software, developed by Sirona, integrates with other orthodontic applications. Panoramic and cephalometric views are automatically generated and can be diagnosed with a real-time evaluation window that scrolls through the 3D anatomy. Galileos also includes an implant-planning system with the capability to generate surgical guides for implantology. The Galileos Comfort unit also offers a patent-pending head positioner.

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SureSmile, Richardson, Tex, offers a computerized treatment-planning system that gives the orthodontist a 3D computer model of the patient’s teeth to precisely plot individual tooth movement through the entire course of treatment. Using high-tech wires customized through a robotic process, the orthodontist can move each tooth to the target position more efficiently and in less time than with conventional methods, according to the company. As a result, patients experience fewer wire changes and adjustments.

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