OraMetrix, Richardson, Tex, has unveiled the latest advancements in its SureSmile® system, which combines 3D diagnostic imaging with computerized treatment plan modeling and robotic archwire-bending “SureSmile 5.7” will be available for commercial use on May 1, 2009. 

SureSmile 5.7 software can create a 3D computer model for the orthodontist to develop a treatment plan and custom precision archwires for lingual treatment.
"With SureSmile, the most difficult and time-consuming part of the lingual treatment—bending and adjusting of the wires on the backside of the teeth—is removed, making it a better experience for both orthodontist and patient," said Ed Lin, DDS, of Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay, Wis.
SureSmile 5.7 also extends the system’s ability to create 3D computer models from CBCT. It can now accommodate all patients, regardless of the amount of intraoral metal. The new approach for patients with metal crowns or large metal fillings combines a partial intraoral scan with the CBCT scan to form the 3D computer model.

Last year, SureSmile brought to market the capability to transform a CBCT scan image of the mouth and teeth into a 3D computer model, providing virtually a volume of images that show the full tooth, including roots as well as the density of bone and tissue.