Focus on Delivery Systems
Dansereau Health Products Inc

Dansereau Health Products Inc introduces a complete line of dental delivery systems that are available in three-handpiece, automatic, or two-handpiece manual systems. Systems come with either a ceramic cuspidor with an assistant’s package or a telescoping assistant’s package. The delivery systems include two three-way syringes and air quick disconnectors. X-ray viewing boxes are mounted on the units. The simple design allows the systems to be mounted easily on any dental chair. A 10-year limited warranty is included.

For more information, contact Dansereau Health Products Inc, 250 E Harrison St, Corona, CA 92879; (800) 423-5657;

KaVo Dental

KaVo Dental offers the environment delivery system, which features dual touch pads and handles on each side of the unit to allow easy accessibility for the orthodontist and the assistant. The air break is seamlessly integrated as a touch pad and is easy to reach. The control head can take up to five handpieces, including an optional integrated brushless electric motor with digital readout, as well as an integrated intraoral camera. The system’s smooth, integrated design allows for easy asepsis. The system is available as a left-and-right, over-the-patient, rear, or side-delivery solution.

For more information, contact KaVo Dental, 340 E Main St, Lake Zurich, IL 60047; (888) 275-5286;

Craftmaster Contour Equipment Inc

Craftmaster Contour Equipment Inc (CCEI) introduces the Vista Unit Visual Aide for patient operatory needs. The Vista Unit features a standard pullout instrument tray to bring accessories close to a patient’s head and retract them when not in use. It also has an optional HVE, a saliva ejector, a high- and low-speed handpiece system with three-way syringe, an electrical outlet in the back of the unit, pole mounts for lighting options and trays, a keyboard shelf and drawer, and five storage drawers.

For more information, contact Craftmaster Contour Equipment Inc, PO Box 331345, Fort Worth, TX 76163-1345; (800) 475-9260;

Dome Inc

Dome Inc offers the Coronado delivery unit, which can be modified for a computer, and includes a convenient keyboard tray and space for the CPU. The top of the cabinet and the keyboard tray are angled to allow access to the handpieces, syringe, and vacuum. The drawer face for the tray provides wrist support for typing. A large, vented service door in the back allows access to the CPU and the plumbing utilities. A variety of articulating arms are available.

For more information, contact Dome Inc, 18668 Oxnard St, Tarzana, CA 91356; (800) 423-5767;

Boyd Industries Inc

Boyd Industries Inc introduces three delivery units: models CSU370, CSU371, and CSU3351. All models feature Boyd’s EZ Track Retraction System, which smoothly retracts all instrumentation tubing into the delivery unit without affecting drawer storage, reach capability, or unit width. All models accept computer CPU storage and accommodate a keyboard at chairside.

For more information, contact Boyd Industries Inc, 12900 44th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762; (800) 255-2693;

Ross Orthodontic

Ross Orthodontic offers the Spacemaker Plus delivery cabinet, which is a complete workstation with room for chairside computers. The unit has more than 636 square inches of tabletop work surface, a pullout keyboard and mouse tray, and storage space for the computer. Standard equipment includes high- and low-speed suction, a two-handpiece control, and a three-way syringe. A flat-panel mount is optional.

For more information, contact Ross Orthodontic, 880 Eastgate Rd, PO Box 882, Midlothian, TX 76065; (800) 247-4109;

ASI Medical

ASI Medical introduces mobile, self-contained orthodontic systems that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet for operation, and can be rolled to offer services to more than one chair. Each system features an internal, medical-grade air compressor and a vacuum pump for extended operation. The systems use proprietary sound-reduction technology that enables very quiet chairside use. One liter of clean water is included to eliminate the growth of biofilm in tubings. The vacuum uses a 3-liter suction canister with a waste-purge pump that enables the contents to be emptied through a small tube directly into a sink drain. All systems include two handpiece connections, a tri-syringe, and titanium suction instruments. The systems can be upgraded with numerous options, including built-in curing lights, drawers, a monitor, keyboard mounts, and additional instruments to service two chairs.

For more information, contact ASI Medical, 4550 E Easter Ave, Suite 700, Englewood, CO 80112; (800) 566-9953;

Dexta Corp

Dexta Corp introduces the Dexta CPU Ready compact side units that accept a CPU along with various mounting schemes for a monitor or laptop. The side units feature hand-delivery systems, storage drawers, breadboards, and keyboards. Also included is a ventilating fan and thermal switch, along with door vents to ensure proper air ventilation. The CPU units accept a minicomputer or full-size computer without sacrificing drawer space.

For more information, contact Dexta Corp, 962 Kaiser Rd, Napa, CA 94558; (800) 733-3982;

Summit Dental Systems

Summit Dental Systems introduces the 900 Series cabinet. Standard features include five easy-to-remove-and-clean extension drawers with one breadboard, oversize caster wheels, three-stationary handles for easy cart positioning, a removable, sectioned countertop tray for instrument placement, a three-way syringe, an automatic handpiece, a water-on and -off switch with flow control, and an asepsis handpiece with hangers and tubing. Optional features include a vacuum package with a saliva ejector and HVE, and a self-contained water-bottle system.

For more information, contact Summit Dental Systems, 3560 NW 53rd Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309; (800) 275-3368;

Medidenta International Inc

Medidenta International Inc offers the Unibase America 1 delivery system, a miniature control unit with a coolant that mounts on any vertical surface or on an arm. It features rugged sheet-metal construction, a handpiece-selector valve, an individual handpiece pressure adjustment in front of the control, an air and water coolant with an on and off adjustment control, a small variable-speed disc-type foot control, an air-pressure gauge, two handpiece tubings, and instrument holders.

For more information, contact Medidenta International Inc, 39–23 62nd St, Woodside, NY 11377; (800) 221-0750;

J Morita USA

J Morita USA offers the Spaceline Feel 21, which conforms to the human anatomy and positions patients to decrease the clinician’s musculoskeletal stress, while reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. The system’s biomechanically derived design helps reduce back, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand ailments. Fixed twin lights, one directed to the mandible and the other to the maxilla, require no touching or adjustment.

For more information, contact J Morita USA, 9 Mason, Irvine, CA 92618; (866) 566-7482;