ProDrive Systems has signed a multi-year manufacturing and cobrand agreement with Meisinger. The agreement provides ProDrive Systems a strong foundation of expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and brand value for the introduction of its new Handpiece Turbine/Bur system.

“This agreement with Meisinger ensures ProDrive will have a complete line of burs and is prepared to meet expected large-scale market demand for our patented new products,” says Jean T. Castonguay, president and CEO of ProDrive. “Meisinger brings more than reputation and engineering experience, the partnership demonstrates that ProDrive is poised to be a major market force in the bur industry. By engaging the trust and confidence of Meisinger we have secured the highest quality of bur manufacturing capabilities.”

The ProDrive System includes the ProDrive Upgrade Turbine and the ProDrive Bur. The 100% torque transfer feature of the ProDrive System ensures that the bur always turns in sync with the turbine, improving both the cutting power and the durability and reliability of dental handpieces. In addition, the ProDrive Upgrade Turbine is designed with quality components and includes a 1-year performance warranty to ensure constant and reliable handpiece performance.

[prodrivesystems.com, October 12, 2006]