OrVance, Grand Rapids, Mich, announced that it will introduce the next generation of OrthoDots® at the upcoming AAO Annual Session in San Diego. According to the company, the new OrthoDots will include the same benefits of the original dental wax alternative, but will include new hygienic packaging and a lower price point.

When the product launched in 2015, the company expected it to be a niche item in the market for some patients that suffered from chronic irritation and abrasions. However, it has since seen higher demand from orthodontists and orthodontic patients. As a result, the company has adjusted its production to allow the product to be sold at a lower price.

OrthoDots features a moisture-activated adhesive which is now embedded within a medical-grade silicone blend. According to the company, the silicone materials used in OrthoDots are more pliable than some dental wax on the market, and prevent the crumbling associated with traditional wax products. The new patent-pending products can be made in high volumes at a much lower cost.

The new OrthoDots will also have an easy open, hygienic packaging feature that resembles bandage packaging. The single-use packaging is similar to other products used in a healthcare setting.

The company is offering free samples to all orthodontic practices and resident programs at orvance.com. OrthoDots are available from several suppliers. For a complete list of where to buy, visit the company’s website, orthovance.com.