The company will provide a healthy and secure work environment as it closely monitors COVID-19.

Whip-Mix-Corp has issued a statement to assure the public that the well-being of its customers and team members are the company’s top priority.

The company said it is committed to providing a healthy, secure, and safe work environment as it closely monitors the COVID-19 Virus; and it is committed to providing its consumers with accurate information and the highest level of service.

“As the spread of COVID-19 continues to be a global issue you can be assured Whip Mix is taking all necessary precautions to maintain a consistent supply chain while developing and producing the highest quality products within the safety and regulatory guidelines required by the FDA for our medical devices,” says James W. Myers, president of Whip Mix.

Should the situation result in changes to productivity or supply chain, Myers says that Whip-Mix will update and report accordingly.

Myers would like to thank customers for their continued support and confidence in Whip Mix products and its team members.