Dale_Davis-1By Dale Davis, DDS, Midland, Mich

I use the Carriere motion appliance from Henry Schein Orthodontics to reduce the number of Invisalign aligners to correct Class II malocclusions and to reduce treatment time. Instead of individually distalizing the upper molars, bicuspids, and cuspids, we can distalize the posterior segments in 16 weeks, typically. This requires much fewer aligners and time, reducing the number of aligners by up to 30 to 40 sets.

HenrySchein_Carriere-Motion-Class-II-applianceWe use 6-ounce, ¼-inch elastics running to a bracket on the lower first molars while the patient is wearing the lower Invisalign aligners. The lower arch becomes an excellent anchor while beginning the alignment of the lower teeth. Once the bite is corrected to a Class I, we debond the Carriere motion and lower arch attachments, scan, and send a midcourse correction to Invisalign. We retain the arches with an in-house clear retainer in the upper arch, and the aligner in the lower arch.

The correction holds up well, but we will prescribe elastics if needed. I do not bond brackets immediately on the lower molars again, but only as needed. This method cuts down on the number of aligners used with individualized distalization that can lead to longer treatment times and possible burnout with the patient. This treatment efficiency leads to more profitability in your practice, making doctors and their team happy. This is a Win, Win, Win! And, most importantly, the results are fantastic! OP