Arlen Hurt, CDT
Vice President, Specialty Appliances
Cumming, Ga

Removing glass ionomer cement from a band or crown can be very difficult and time-consuming. In the past, it has either been removed by sandblasting the cement from the band or crown, or by using a handpiece to slowly and carefully remove the cement without damaging the band or crown. Both of these techniques take time and sensitivity in order to not damage the band or crown.

A very simple way to remove the cement is by lightly heating the band or crown with a Bunsen burner or torch and quenching it in water. This will crystallize the cement and allow it to be simply flaked out of the band or crown. Please use the following steps when using this technique.

Removing Cement

  1. Have proper ventilation available before heating up the band or crown.
  2. Have a bowl of water ready to quench the heated part.
  3. Slowly heat the band or crown with a Bunsen burner or torch.
  4. Be sure not to overheat the band or crown. The part should never become cherry red.
  5. Quench the part in water.
  6. Flake away the cement with a pick or spatula.
  7. Clean the part in distilled water and wire brush after it has dried.
  8. Sandblast the inside of the band or crown, and it is ready to reseat.

        This process takes less than 2 minutes to complete.



Aesthetic Retention



Thomas Braun, DMD
Fairfield, Conn

ASTICS retainer

Retention is the key to long-term stability after orthodontic treatment, especially in adults.

I use the ASTICS retainer in my practice. It is a Hawley retainer with a clear labial bow. The aesthetics are excellent, and the adjustable labial bow and lingual acrylic provide needed retention while allowing post-treatment settling. For my nonextraction cases I often prescribe a wrap-around design to further increase the aesthetics. Aside from retention, the ASTICS clear labial bow can also be applied to spring aligner and flipper appliances.

Patient compliance is very good because of the aesthetics, which provides good long-term outcomes. My patients have been wearing ASTICS retainers for more than 2 years with nothing but good retention recalls.


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