The Eco-Dentistry Association™(EDA), Berkeley, Calif, an international membership association formedto promote environmentally sound practices in dentistry, has awardedseveral products its EDA Accepted Seal. The new designation is forproducts and services that meet specific environmental criteria.

The product lines include Dental EZ®Group’s everLight™ operatory light for its waste reduction, pollutionprevention, and energy conservation; RAMVAC® Waterless Vacuum for waterconservation; CustomAir® LubeFree™ Compressor for pollution preventionand energy conservation; and UltraLeather™ Eco-Friendly Upholstery forpollution prevention

Accepted products from Transcendentist®(Green Dentistry by Discus) include reusable cloth sterilizationpouches and wraps for waste reduction and pollution prevention; JoysenseAroma Therapy for waste reduction, pollution prevention, and wellnessdentistry; and reusable cloth infection control barriers for wastereduction and pollution prevention.

Hu-Friedy® products that earned the seal are Enzymax® EarthUltrasonic Solution for pollution prevention, Team Vista™ WaterlineCleaner for pollution prevention, and Environdent® Instrument Recyclingfor waste reduction

Manufacturers of products or services that are awarded the EDA’sAccepted Seal may use the seal on any marketing, advertising, andpackaging materials such as catalogs, Web sites, and product packaging.

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