The move combines OrthoFi’s patient acquisition and financial management solution with Gaidge’s business intelligence and practice analytics.

OrthoFi announced its integration with Gaidge. The move brings together the patient acquisition and financial management company with the business intelligence and practice analytics company. The integration reportedly will provide OrthoFi customers with a fully aggregated view of all their financial and clinical performance metrics in one analytics platform. The integration also opens the path for Gaidge users to access OrthoFi’s analytic tools.   

According to OrthoFi, the integration “virtually eliminates the need for practices to dual-enter patient financial information into multiple systems.” 

“Our mission is to help orthodontists start more smiles, and providing actionable data is a part of that mission. Partnering with Gaidge connects our practices to rich insights about their overall performance, and significantly enhances their user experience. We are thrilled to offer this new benefit to our loyal customers, and also to the growing number of Gaidge clients in the market. We believe this powerful combination of industry-leading solutions will help to better position practices to face the rapidly changing landscape and market trends of the orthodontic industry. We encourage every practice to try it,” said David Ternan, CEO of OrthoFi.

“Both Gaidge and OrthoFi share a mission of helping orthodontists achieve more for their businesses by leveraging technology tools and data. We are thrilled about the benefits this integration will bring to clients who want to get the most out of both services,” said Ryan Moynihan, CEO Gaidge.