Pulpdent Corp, Watertown, Mass, has released its 56-page spring catalog. In addition to detailing the full range of Pulpdent products, the catalog includes case histories, procedural information, and other educational resources.
Included in the Pulpdent catalog is a case study from Save That Tooth, a book by Harold Berk, DDS, FICD, FACD, ScD, a dental practitioner, university professor, expert on dental materials, and one of the founders of Pulpdent. The case, titled "Jason’s Tooth," follows a patient named Jason through a 6-year process involving replantation, multiple traumas, fistula, apexification, apexogenesis, and internal bleaching.
The catalog is designed like a magazine, with information presented in visually appealing spreads. Clinical studies, research results, independent evaluations, and clearly illustrated step-by-step procedure guides support the product information. The Pulpdent catalog is printed in full color and is free.
Pulpdent manufactures high-quality products for the dental profession, including adhesives, composites, sealants, cements, etching gels, calcium hydroxide products, endodontic specialties, and bonding accessories. 

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