Representatives Jeb Bradley (R-NH) and Tom Allen (D-ME) recently introduced a bipartisan Oral Health Resolution in the US House of Representatives. The resolution calls for increased access to oral health care services and for improved preventive strategies to curb long- term oral disease.

“When we talk about access to health care—trying to ensure that vital health care services are available and that the care provided is both cost-effective and efficient—we often overlook the importance of oral health care,”  says Bradley. “The resolution that Representative Allen and I are introducing highlights the importance of oral health care and also recognizes the efforts of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization that has done much to improve the quality of oral health care in America.”

The resolution stresses the importance of oral health in any general health regimen to avoid long-term oral health diseases, which can restrict activities in school, work, and home; and often significantly diminishes the quality of life. It also urges the House of Representatives to recognize the AGD and its members for their role in promoting excellence in continuing dental education and for helping to address the treatment and prevention of oral health disease.

[de.pennnet.com, May 2006]