Carestream Dental, Atlanta, has teamed with Core3dcentres®, a digital solutions provider, to offer production services for its CS Connect portfolio, a hosted web-based platform that enables the transmission of digital impression data.

Based in Las Vegas, Core3dcentres aims to ensure that CS Connect dental laboratories take maximum advantage of Carestream’s CAD/CAM solutions, which are designed to make their workflow intuitive and efficient and build their business.

First, practitioners use a Carestream Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) unit or the CS 3500 intraoral scanner to create digital impressions. Once the STL files have been submitted to a lab, two different workflows are possible depending on the laboratory’s digital capabilities, both based on the original scans taken by the clinician with Carestream Dental scanning solutions.

In the first workflow option, if the lab prefers to do its own case design, Core3dcentres can assist with model printing, eliminating the need for in-lab model-printing capabilities.

In the second workflow option, Core3dcentres can design the case for the laboratory and then print and return the models. With either option, the laboratory can choose to mill the case or have Core3dcentres do it.