Discus Dental LLC, Culver City, Calif, has released a nano-hybrid, universal composite called Nuance™. The material contains proprietary multifaceted fillers that both reflect and refract light, mimicking the opacity, translucency, and optical characteristics of tooth structure. According to the company, therefore, it appears translucent in thinner areas such as the incisal edge, while on the main tooth body it absorbs and refracts light, creating a dentin-like depth. Therefore, one body shade can be used for the entire restoration.

The Nuance syringe was designed from the ground up to further simplify the restoration process. It is rectangular and and has soft rubber pads for turning. It comes with 4 g of material, but with every half turn (identified with a click), it delivers a “unit dose” of ~.1 g of material. It has a flip-top, flat cap, so the syringe can stand up on a tray, and the cap can’t be lost.

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