Morita-twinpower-torqueJ. Morita, Irvine, Calif, is introducing a new high torque model to its TwinPower Turbine® product line.

The high torque model features a head height of 13.2 mm, and a double impeller rotor. According to the company, the handpiece possesses the power to handle any clinical situation, despite the comparatively small head height, and with the double impeller rotor, the device maintains constant torque and speed, even under load. And, with zero drawback in the air line, the TwinPower Turbine high torque model allows for better contamination control.

Additional features include rapid braking and compatibility with popular coupling systems.

The TwinPower Turbine comes with a 2-year warranty and a limited time, 30-day money back guarantee.

The device will be introduced at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, February 23 to 25, 2017.