A report from the Cochrane Collaboration, an international nonprofit organization that compiles and reviews data from health care studies, showed that a power toothbrush with rotational/oscillation action offers the most efficient method of daily dental care. According to the company, the motion of power toothbrushes is up to 100 times that of manual brushing. Additionally, the toothbrushes remove 11% more plaque and reduce bleeding of the gums by up to 17%.

Recent innovations in toothbrushes have led to an evolution of not only their design, but advances in technology as well. The 2-Minute Pink Ribbon TwinSpin™ by Orawave features not one, but two oscillating heads to reduce the bacterial plaque that causes disease. Orawave’s built-in timer lets brushers know the end of a 2-minute brushing cycle.

The 2-Minute Pink Ribbon TwinSpin retails for less than $6 and is available in different colors, such as raspberry, passion pink, and grape fizz.

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