Ultreo Inc introduces a toothbrush that combines ultrasound waveguide technology with sonic bristles to clean teeth. According to the company, Ultreo transforms inactive bubbles into pulsating bubbles to remove plaque bacteria from hard-to-reach areas.

“The combined effect of ultrasound waveguide technology and precisely tuned sonic bristle action takes power brushing to new heights,” said Christopher McInnes, PhD, principal scientist for Ultreo. “During a recent survey of users, nine out of 10 people who used Ultreo thought their teeth felt smooth and clean after brushing and seven out of 10 said they preferred Ultreo to the power toothbrush they were currently using.”

According to the company, Ultreo removes stains from teeth in 14 days and reduces gingivitis in 30 days. It is safe to use on gums, natural tooth surfaces, and dental work.

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