Picture 1_opt.pngSleep Group Solutions, North Miami Beach, Fla, and Rondeau Seminars, London, Ontario, Canada, will hold the 2012 Sleep Summit in Las Vegas from October 18 to 20, 2012.

The conference will offer a number of dental sleep medicine lectures, including ìWhich Oral Appliance is Best for Each Patient,î presented by Brock Rondeau, DDS; ìProtocol for Oral Appliances and CPAP,î presented by Adam Moscovitch, MD; ìSleep Bruxism-TMD Connection,î presented by Dan TachÈ, DMD; and ìDeveloping and Maintaining Referral Relationships with Sleep Physicians,î with Ron Dean, DMD. The conference will also offer lectures on internal and external marketing, and dental economics.

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