Levin Group has identified 9 Areas of Expertise that all orthodontists must master if they want to become as adept at running a practice as they are at treating patients.

  1. Production: Growing production 15% every 12 months (without increasing your hours) will keep your practice moving toward success.
  2. Collections: Tightening expenditures and collecting 99% of treatment fees will protect the bottom line as production increases. Help make treatment more affordable?and encourage on-time payments?by offering a range of financing options to every family.
  3. Team Building: Orthodontists need to provide a vision for the practice, conduct staff evaluations every year, and provide clear job descriptions for each position.
  4. Scripting: All team members, including the doctor, can become skilled at influencing patients and parents by learning scripts for most interactions.
  5. Case Acceptance: Task your treatment coordinator with closing 90% of all cases by emphasizing what parents and patients are buying: a beautiful smile.
  6. Scheduling: With such a high volume of appointments, an ortho practice’s scheduling system can make or break the entire day. It manages patients, staff members, and the doctor to increase production and minimize chaos.
  7. New Patient Experience: This begins with the first phone call to the practice and includes the tour, consultation, and first appointment for treatment as well. Throughout the process, your team should provide “WOW” customer service to create a strong connection.
  8. Treatment Coordinator: Hiring a treatment coordinator and training her to sell treatment successfully will improve the case acceptance rate and the ortho practice’s ability to immediately establish relationships with families.
  9. Marketing: Without a steady stream of new patients, future production and revenue are at risk. Referrals should come in from at least two sources?general and pediatric dentists in the area, and parents of current patients.

A sharp focus on these 9 critical areas will not only make you a better practice owner, but will also make your practice more profitable and enjoyable.

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