The i-CAT from Imaging Sciences International, Hatfield, Pa, has been named winner in the X-ray Equipment – Cone Beam CT Scanner category for the 2009 Townie Choice Awards, presented by Dentaltown. The i-CAT also took home this title in 2008 and 2007.

This year the i-CAT also received two other awards, according to the Woman Dentist Journal. The Pride Institute 2009 crowned the i-CAT with its "Best of Class" award for Cone Beam, which was featured at the inaugural Pride Institute’s Greater New York Dental Meeting Technology Fair, while Dr. Lorne Lavine’s 2009 Technology Guide singled out the i-CAT as the "Best of ’09" in the category of Cone Beam imaging, also for the third consecutive year,

The i-CAT Cone Beam 3D dental imaging system offers a scan time of 8.9 seconds and a reconstruction rate of less than 30 seconds. The system’s Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Sensor, with its Extended Field of View option, captures the entire skull (17 cm in height and 23 cm in diameter) as well as smaller fields of interest down to 4 cm in height. The new, optional Tru-Pan one-click volumetric pan software yields panoramic views from 3D scans in seconds.

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