The Evo Editions are the next evolution of the CS 8100 and CS 8100 3D product line and feature advanced software updates aimed at enhanced imaging.  

Carestream Dental has rolled out the next evolution of the CS 8100 and CS 8100 3D product line—the Evo Editions. These compact panoramic and CBCT versions of the systems users are familiar with now feature advanced software updates that provide enhanced images and new tools for more confident diagnoses.

“We’ve found that data is what makes the difference when diagnosing,” Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “By focusing on new software and improved algorithms, we can deliver impactful updates to doctors without having to completely redesign equipment or ask doctors to invest in a new extraoral system every few years.”

The software updates featured on the CS 8100 Evo Edition and CS 8100SC Evo Edition include Tomosharp technology for enhanced images. This update provides greater tolerance to imperfect positioning and allows for the entire jaw anatomy to be captured in a single acquisition. Algorithms analyze the area where the anatomy is the sharpest and reconstruct the best possible panoramic image automatically. According to the company, the result is an impressively sharp image. Not only does the clinician end up with the ideal image, Tomosharp helps to compensate for less-than-ideal patient positioning.

Additionally, the CS Adapt Anatomic family of filters deliver a brand-new processing engine for outstanding panoramic and cephalometric images.

The Evo Edition of the CS 8100 3D family—the CS 8100 3D Evo Edition and CS 8100SC 3D Evo Edition—reportedly gives doctors access to the same high-end features from Carestream Dental’s flagship CS 9600 CBCT system. For example, CS MAR reduces metal artifacts and starburst affects that can often be distracting and make viewing an area of interest difficult. Instead, the CS MAR filter gives doctors a clearer view and more confidence in their diagnoses. Users can also use a unique live comparison tool to toggle back and forth between views with and without CS MAR to help them confirm diagnosis.

In that same vein, all-new Advanced Noise Reduction (ANR) reduces noise while preserving image details. This feature is ideal for 75-micron resolution scans and improves small details like a lateral canal or crack as well as the perception of cortical bone edge, ligament space, and soft tissues.

As multi-modality systems, the CS 8100 3D Evo Edition and CS 8100SC 3D Evo Edition also feature Tomosharp technology and the new CS Adapt Anatomic family of filters for advanced 2D imaging to meet almost every clinical need.

According to the company, the Evo Editions of the CS 8100, CS 8100SC, CS 8100 3D, and CS 8100SC 3D include all the same award-winning features of the CS 8100, including its compact footprint and image quality. Each Evo Edition is supported by CS Imaging version 8, an imaging platform that centralizes and displays all of doctors’ 2D images, 3D images and CAD/CAM data in one software to aid in more comprehensive diagnoses, optimized treatment workflows and enhanced case presentation. 

Practitioners who already own a system from the CS 8100 family or CS 8100 3D family can upgrade their existing technology to experience the latest benefits the Evo Edition has to offer.