News 1 alt picDEXIS, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, released its newest version of the iPad app, DEXIS go 2.0. This update is designed to bring new levels of usability, aesthetics, and image quality to the app, which enables clinicians to communicate with patients using an iPad.

According to the company, the DEXIS go 2.0 iPad app is designed to offer:

  • Seamless connection with DEXIS Mac;
  • Faster image transfer;
  • Simplified interface leading to clearer navigation;
  • Expanded imaging browsing methods;
  • Privacy enhancements; and
  • Extended connectivity for clinicians who port their iPad to multiple practices.

DEXIS go functions as an imaging hub and displays all images within a patient record, including intra- and extraoral radiographs and photographs.

DEXIS go 2.0 users can tap the three-way toggle to change the display from a new standard mouth view to the horizontal-scrolling historical mouth view. With another tap, users can put all images into a vertical-scrolling format sorted by date. Thumbnail images display in full-screen mode, and from that view, users can tap anywhere within the image area to display “filmstrip” of all available patient images of the same type.

Users can download DEXIS go 2.0 for free from the Apple® iTunes® store; it includes a set of sample patients and images that can be used to try out the app without installing the DEXIS Imaging Suite.