3Shape TRIOS 43Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, announced the release of TRIOS 4, its latest intraoral scanner. According to the company, the fourth generation intraoral scanner includes timely detection of both possible surface and interproximal caries.
The TRIOS 4 has built-in fluorescent technology that aids in the identification of possible surface caries. Moreover, it will feature a dedicated transillumination smart tip later this year, which will aid in the identification of possible interproximal caries undetectable to the eye, without emitting radiation. This will be the first launch within 3Shape’s new “Smart Tip” platform.

The new generation of smart tips feature instant-heat technology for improvised scanning. The tips not only help the dental professional to be scan-ready in seconds, according to the company, but TRIOS 4 instant-heat tips also serve to increase scanner battery life by 30%.

TRIOS 4 also features TRIOS Patient Monitoring, the software that enables doctors to compare scans and track changes in teeth over time to gain preventive insights.

TRIOS 4 features a wireless wand like the TRIOS 3, and similar size and weight for the scanning unit.