3Shape E4 Lab Scanner3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, unveiled a number of new product offerings, including its new E4 lab scanner, and upgrades to the 3Shape Dental System and 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio, at the International Dental Summit in Cologne, Germany.
The E4 lab scanner is designed to be faster and more accurate. It scans a full arch in 11 seconds with an accuracy of 4 microns, according to the company. The E4 is also designed to reduce workflow steps and save time for labs with impression scanning and the scanning of dies while they are still in the model.

The company also announced the upgrade of the 3Shape Dental System 2019 CAD/CAM software for dental labs. The upgrade includes improvements to solutions for dentures, splints, and clear aligners.

Meanwhile, the company’s 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio is designed to give labs full control over the clear aligner planning, setup, staging, and production workflow. The updated Clear Aligner Studio reportedly brings 20% to 40% efficiency gains to the setup and staging and includes automated features such as ID tagging, attachment placement, and sizing—developed in conjunction with user feedback. With Clear Aligner Studio, labs have the option to choose to share files with expert design service partners for the setup and staging.