Lester A. Dine introduces the Mini Macro Flash, a ring and point flash for Nikon digital cameras.

The power supply of the Mini Macro Flash is smaller and lighter than current flash models, according to the company. The flash reduces the weight of the camera flash by half and the weight of the entire camera by more than 1 pound. 

The flash includes a ring flash for intraoral photography, an adjustable point flash for facial photography, and contoured anterior and lateral picture views. It works in the through the lens mode on Nikon D40, D40X, D50, D70, D80, and D200 Digital SLR cameras, and it can be mounted on all 60-mm or 105-mm macro lenses.

It is sold in a complete kit, which includes the camera, lens, flash, and accessories.

For more information, contact Lester A. Dine.