Bill Poss is President and CEO of Solutions by Design and ScreenPlay Technologies Inc, West Chicago, Ill, makers of ScreenPlay integrated orthodontic case presentation and patient education tool.

Orthodontic Products: How long has ScreenPlay been on the market?

Poss: We have been installing it in practice for 3 years.

OP: What are its most popular features?

Poss: It has dynamic case presentation with outstanding clinical content, including patient-education videos on hot topics such a hygiene, elastics, expansion, retainer care, headgear usage, and microscrews. It offers a paperless office solution with virtually all forms. All records, findings, animations, and forms can be printed or stored online or on a CD. ScreenPlay helps create vertical integration with most practice-management software and imaging products.

OP: How does it improve an orthodontist’s communication with his patients?

Poss: It educates, reinforces, records, and stores it all.

OP: Are there any plans to add new features? If so, what are they?

Poss: We have plans for expanded forms integration and extended clinical content. We will have 20 full-length patient-education videos along with our more than 1000 existing animations.

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