The uAssist treatment planning concierge service is designed to help orthodontists plan aligner treatment and offers flexibility in patient care.

uLab Systems announced the availability of the uAssist concierge treatment planning assistance service for orthodontists.

Licensed orthodontists and dentists assist with aligner case treatment plans, in less than 3-business days.

uLab developed the uAssist treatment plan assistance service because each orthodontist has their own unique workflow and uLab is dedicated to providing options that enable orthodontists to practice the way they choose, providing flexibility at all stages of patient care.

When a uAssist case is returned for review, the treating orthodontist can proceed with ordering uSmile aligners, make additional adjustments themselves within the uDesign software, or return it to the uAssist team for any final changes.

All requested adjustments are made within two review sessions per case submission and returned to the treating orthodontist in less than 72 hours. The streamlined communication, quick turnaround, and ability to make changes themselves give the orthodontist both control and flexibility.

uLab is dedicated to creating innovative solutions specific to the orthodontic market.

“We understand orthodontists need to have a balance of efficiency and control in order to provide the best care to their patients,” said Charlie Wen, founder, and chief technology officer of uLab. “While some orthodontists will choose to plan their own treatments, we are providing a planning assistance option that has not been available in the market before; the best of both options in one aligner platform.”

Orthodontists who submit cases to the uAssist team before September 30th will have up to 10 submission fees waived.

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