SmileDirectClub’s SmileMaker Platform uses AI technology to give consumers a 3D preview of their smile after aligner treatment.

SmileDirectClub announced the launch of its SmileMaker Platform, making it easier for consumers to preview their smile before treatment.

The first-generation SmileMaker Platform is available through the free SmileDirectClub App and leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to show consumers their potential smile transformation.

Consumers can download the SmileDirectClub App, which is compatible with Apple devices and coming soon to Android devices, and capture a 3D scan of their teeth, bite and alignment using their phone’s camera.

This technology upgrades current 2D remote scanning options and introduces real-time AI to capture a 3D view of the teeth.

Just minutes after the 3D scan, consumers receive their “Custom Smile Plan” showing their potential new smile, along with an estimated time frame to achieve results, leveraging the company’s treatment planning data.

The SmileMaker platform is part of the company’s growing AI capabilities within its innovation portfolio, helping SmileDirectClub transform the oral care industry by making teeth straightening more accessible, convenient, and affordable.

“SmileDirectClub’s new SmileMaker Platform is a big step toward fulfilling our vision of creating smiles using leading-edge technology,” said David Katzman, CEO and chairman, SmileDirectClub. “This is the brand’s first big innovation to come from our AI/machine learning team and we look forward to continuing to improve the customer experience, better assist doctors, and increase access to oral care for more customers while keeping the costs of that care within reach for everyone.”

Following receipt of a Custom Smile Plan, customers will be prompted to provide further high-definition scans through the doctor-prescribed at-home impression kit or at a local SmileShop or Partner Network location.

The information is uploaded into SmileDirectClub’s virtual care platform, along with the other information collected from customers, for review by the customer’s state-licensed treating dentist or orthodontist to determine candidacy for clear aligner therapy. Once approved, customers will be provided with a final treatment plan, their “Smile Prescription” to start their official smile journey.

The new platform is now available in Australia and will expand into the United States later this year or early 2023, followed by other international markets.