3M_Victory Series_ Superior Fit Buccal TubeArmed with extensive global customer feedback, 3M Unitek, Monrovia, Calif, has answered the industry need for a buccal tube that is designed for better tooth-to-base fit, enhanced ease-of-use, and patient comfort.

The company’s Victory Series™ superior fit buccal tubes offer an improved user experience, made possible by a compound-contour curvature base for better fit.

With a sleek, low profile body and a bendable flush-mount hook, these tubes help to reduce occlusal interference and cheek irritation. According to 3M, the new buccal tubes are the only buccal tubes available precoated with the company’s proprietary APC flash-free adhesive for the highest level of bonding efficiency and convenience. What’s more, the base features a micro-etched, 80-gauge mesh pad for strength.

The tubes also feature a large compound contour base that creates a seamless fit into the buccal aspect of the tooth. Additionally, they offer improved gripping with parallel mesial-distal and occlusal-gingival surfaces, a gripping notch and a visual alignment mark for easy positioning and archwire slot referencing. A contoured funnel entry means smooth and easy wire insertion with less binding and notching.