New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD) presented the Robert N. Eskow NYU Implant Dentistry Award to Jan Lindhe, DDS, PhD, a distinguished professor of periodontology at Goteborg University (Gothenburg, Sweden), on December 7, at the 18th Annual Implant Symposium held at NYUCD.

The Eskow Award recognizes individuals for significant contributions to the science and clinical application of implant dentistry. The award presentation followed a lecture by Lindhe titled, "The Extraction Socket: Modeling and Remodeling." Nearly 500 people from around the world attended the lecture and award presentation.

Dennis P. Tarnow, DDS, professor and chair of the NYU Ashman Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, said, "Dr Lindhe’s impeccable research into the biology of osseointegration has increased our understanding of this phenomenon, and thereby enhanced its clinical application. His emphasis on evidence-based information in making therapeutic decisions has changed the practice of clinical dentistry."

Lindhe is the second person to receive the Eskow Award. The inaugural recipient was P.I. Branemark, MD, PhD, Odhc, MDhc, ScDHc, the originator and developer of osseointegrated implants and of a variety of the components used in dental implants.

The Eskow Award is named in honor of its principal benefactor, Dr Robert N. Eskow, clinical professor of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry at NYU. The award carries a plaque and a cash prize.

In addition to Dr Eskow, other benefactors responsible for the award include Astra Tech Inc, Bio-Lok International Inc, Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co, 3i Implant Innovations Inc, Nobel Biocare USA, Straumann USA, and Zimmer Dental Inc.