DENTSPLY GAC, Bohemia, NY, now offers the Infinitas Mini Implant System, a temporary anchorage device (TAD).

The head of the Infinitas mini-implant is designed for directattachment of many forms of traction. One traction level in the undercutof the low-profile head holds auxiliaries such as closing coil springs,elastomeric chain, and 0.021- x 0.025-inch rectangular wire. The Infinitasdoes not require custom-made closing coil springs.

The Infinitas cutting thread continues the full length of the TAD’sbody. In addition, the Infinitas features an angled transmucosal neckdesign, allowing insertion at any angle. Two neck heights are available:a short neck for areas of thin mucosa, and a long neck for areas ofthick mucosa.

All Infinitas TADs are designed to be self-drilling, so users have no need to drill a pilot hole.

DENTSPLY GAC offers three Infinitas system kits: an IntroductoryClinical Kit (sterile and nonsterile); a Complete Clinical Kit (sterileand nonsterile), and a Guidance Kit, which contains patent-pendingstent components designed to help simplify the production of a stent toallow TAD insertion in any location. In addition to these kits,DENTSPLY GAC offers a full line of sterile and nonsterile individualimplants.

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