OrthoSelect announced the compatibility of Braces On Demand with the company’s DIBS AI indirect bonding platform.

OrthoSelect, an orthodontics software company and digital orthodontics laboratory, and Braces On Demand, an in-office 3D printing solution for orthodontic brackets and appliances, announced the compatibility of their two systems.

Orthodontists can now precisely place Braces On Demand’s custom brackets using the DIBS AI digital indirect bonding platform to achieve even better treatment results in a shorter amount of time.

“In only 30 minutes of chair time, your staff precisely places customizable brackets that are 3D printed in-office for same-day turnaround for around $250,” said Ryan Williams, vice president of sales at OrthoSelect. “This combination has the potential to substantially improve practice efficiency and profitability.”

The DIBS AI software platform simplifies and automates the process of orthodontic patient case setups and creates accurate predictive outcomes based on any bracket prescription. It also provides the flexibility to 3D print accurate bracket transfer appliances (commonly known as IDB trays).

These advancements free up doctor, staff, and chair time by shortening bonding appointments by a third or more and reducing overall treatment time through significant decreases in wire bending and bracket repositioning.

The benefits of improved accuracy and time savings typically result in a reduction of 25% or more of the orthodontist’s cost of treatment, according to OrthoSelect.

”Bringing manufacturing in-office eliminates supply chain delays and allows clinicians to provide their patients with customized treatment plans,” said Colin Corey, Braces On Demand co-founder and chief executive officer. “Compatibility with the DIBS AI platform will enable doctors to significantly increase efficiencies in the orthodontic workflow.”