Craig Beach (pictured) is the general manager at Dentaurum USA.

Orthodontic Products: What new products has Dentaurum recently introduced?

Craig Beach: We have several new products being launched this year in celebration of our 125th anniversary, but I think our new M-Series product line is the most exciting. This new line of low-profile mini brackets and molar tubes was launched with huge success at the AAO in Chicago, and I expect it to quickly become our best-selling line of products.

Another exciting development is our new and improved packaging for our market-leading tomas pin. This new packaging allows the pin to sit upright in a sterile cradle and keeps the head of the pin exposed. There is a small rubber stop on the capsule that secures the pin until it is ready for use. To remove the pin from this new packaging, you simply remove the rubber stop and use any of our hex-head tomas drivers to easily pick the pin right out of the capsule. This allows an easy transition directly from the sterile ampule to any of our tomas drivers; which includes our contra-angle, screwdriver, applicator, and torque ratchet.

OP: What makes these products unique?

CB: What really makes our M-Series really unique is the patented laser-structure of the base. We use a custom-programmed laser to individually etch varying sizes of micro and macro “craters” directly into the base of each single-piece bracket. These craters ensure perfect integration with all the various sizes of adhesive molecules on the market. This allows our M-Series brackets and molar tubes to deliver the best bond retention on the market, while still maintaining a small, low-profile design.

In fact, Dentaurum is so confident in our laser base technology that we are offering a 150% money-back guarantee that will refund the cost of your bracket trial by 150%, if our M-Series product line does not bond better than any bracket or molar tube you are currently using.

The M-Series product line is a perfect fusion of our best-selling Discovery brackets and our wildly popular Ortho-Cast Mini molar tubes. We have the M brackets for UL5-5, the M1 tubes for the first molars, and the M2 tubes for the second molars.

OP: In November, Dentaurum will host the 3rd Annual TAD User Forum. Why should orthodontic professionals consider attending, and what will they learn about?

CB: What makes this venue so attractive is that it appeals to everyone, from the beginner who has yet to place their first TAD, to the most advanced TAD users who have already sat through 10 other lectures. The lectures at this venue are offered on a simultaneous four-track schedule, which always ensures that there is a topic of interest being offered in that time segment for every attendee, regardless of their experience level with TADs. We try very hard to provide speakers who are using TADs for groundbreaking and innovative treatment that is not typically being shown by most speakers.

Some of the topics being offered this year include such innovative concepts as TADs and clear aligner therapy, using TADs as temporary implants, Class III correction, correcting open bites, full-arch intrusion, distalization of the full arch, and molar protraction to avoid implants. We have speakers that focus on these topics with a great deal of insight into the pitfalls and successes that can be expected.

In addition to the lectures and workshops, the meeting even offers attendees the option to sign up to personally place a TAD on a live patient in a monitored clinical setting. Also, we have hands-on courses with typodonts that teach how to set up various biomechanics and use our custom auxiliaries. Finally, we even have roundtable groups that provide a more casual and open forum for great discussion.

The meeting is planned for November 4 to 6, 2011, with all the lectures, workshops, and roundtable meetings being offered on Friday and Saturday at the WYNN Resort. The optional hands-on and live TAD placements will be offered in a clinical setting on Sunday, November 6. All registered attendees will qualify for a heavily discounted weekend room rate of only $195 per night at the WYNN Resort. You can now go to to register for the meeting.