Focus on Wire

Ortho Organizers

Ortho Organizers introduces Bondable Lingual Retainer Wire, which is made of .032-in stainless steel in a tight twist that facilitates bonding without end loops or bonding pads. The wire allows long-term stability with physiologic teeth movement. Bond any or all teeth in a segment. The wires come 20 per pack and in 7-in straight lengths.

For more information, contact Ortho Organizers, 1619 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078; (800) 547-2000;

Modern Arch

Modern Arch offers Tri-Sectional Closing/Retraction Arches with multiple choices for the anterior segment to exert any desired degree of torque control. The arches feature posterior segments with a reduced cross-sectional area to free slide and reduce friction to zero. In addition, the arches feature two elastic hooks for all sorts of intermaxillary or intramaxillary force applications.

For more information, contact Modern Arch, 1402 Penn Ave, Wyomissing, PA 19610; (610) 670-8716;

Highland Metals Inc

Highland Metals Inc introduces the Nickodem Teardrop Spring, which is constructed of superelastic NiTi with a series of opposing loops and terminating helixes at both ends that can be used to treat impacted teeth as well as other malocclusions. It reduces treatment time in cases where teeth need redirection and require rotations. It can also treat forced eruptions. The Teardrop Spring is patent pending and is licensed exclusively to Highland Metals Inc.

For more information, contact Highland Metals Inc, 419 Perrymont Ave, San Jose, CA 95125; (800) 368-6484;

Class One Orthodontics

Class One Orthodontics offers Regency UltraTherm Archwire, which is manufactured from heat-activated NiTi wire. Regency UltraTherm’s improved resiliency provides more resistance to permanent set and makes it a great choice as a first early-treatment wire.

For more information, contact Class One Orthodontics, 5064 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79414; (800) 343-5291;

Ortho Technology Inc

Ortho Technology Inc introduces TruFlex™ Nickel Titanium Archwire, which provides the comfort of light force levels during the initial treatment phase. TruFlex archwires are available in Nickel Titanium (Nitinol), Thermal (Heat Activated), TruGold™ 24K Gold Plated, and Tooth Tone™ Plastic Coated.

For more information, contact Ortho Technology Inc, 17401 Commerce Park Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647; (800) 999-3161;

G&H Wire Co

G&H Wire Co offers high-performance archwires in all the alloys, shapes, and varieties required by orthodontists. G&H meticulously tests each production run of archwires to ensure consistent clinical performance. Retraction loops are available in four designs and various archforms. Looped archwires offer versatility for a variety of applications, including anterior intrusion, space closure, elastic engagement, and anterior retraction by activating loops independently or in unison. Posted wires are available in four archforms and in various dimensions, including .016-in by .025-in and .019-in by .025-in. Posted archwires facilitate retraction, Class II engagement, and segmented force application. Each stainless steel archwire is processed with .030-in silver-soldered brass posts. Looped and posted archwires are available in 2-mm size increments from 22 mm to 44 mm between the loops or posts.

For more information, contact G&H Wire Co, PO Box 248, Greenwood, IN 46142; (800) 526-1026;

All Star Orthodontics

All Star Orthodontics offers a variety of archwires, including stainless steel, nic-co-loy, Australian, and Nickel Titanium. In addition to standard archwires, All Star offers Posted, Reverse Curve of Spee and Beta (for nickel-sensitive patients) archwires, along with Twist and Coaxial wires. All archwires are made of high-quality nickel titanium and stainless steel, are highly polished for an ultra-smooth finish, and are pretested so that every archwire is of the same quality each time.

For more information, contact All Star Orthodontics, 4570 Progress Dr, Columbus, IN 47201; (866) 314-0804;


LeoneAmerica offers a wire for the Crozat method. The wire is available in various gauge sizes ranging from 15 to 23, and is prepared on a coiled spool with an approximate length of 22 feet. Made with a cobalt alloy specifically for surgical and orthodontic appliances, the wire can be soldered in an open flame.

For more information, contact LeoneAmerica, 1200 Stellar Dr, Oxnard, CA 93033; (800) 242-9986;

TP Orthodontics Inc

TP Orthodontics Inc offers InVu® preformed aesthetic archwire, which complements ceramic brackets, making them even less noticeable during treatment without increasing friction or changing the thickness of the wire. Unlike other coated archwires, InVu has a very thin, tooth-colored coating applied only to the labial surface, leaving the actual archwire size unchanged. The remaining surfaces have been left uncoated to allow the wire to slide more freely along all contact points of the bracket’s archwire slot. The archwires are manufactured in both stainless steel and nickel titanium. They are available in two archforms, including standard and straight, and come in a variety of sizes.

For more information, contact TP Orthodontics Inc, 100 Center Plaza, La Porte, IN 46350-9672; (800) 348-8856;

Ortho Specialties

Ortho Specialties offers an adjustable utility archwire that reduces treatment time by allowing specialized treatment in the anterior and posterior segments simultaneously. The adjustable utility archwire has an anterior segment fabricated of nickel titanium, allowing for initial leveling, aligning, and rotating; while the posterior segment, fabricated of stainless steel, allows for intrusion, extrusion, and rotation of the molars. Inconel tubing joins the anterior and posterior segments and is adjustable to accommodate arch length. Adjustable utility archwires are available in .016-in, .018-in, and .016-in by .016-in with anterior segment lengths of 24 mm, 28 mm, 34 mm, and 38 mm.

For more information, contact Ortho Specialties, 7707 W 99th St, Hickory Hills, IL 60457; (800) 637-1237;

Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd

Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd offers Duraloy Chrome-Cobalt Wire, a top-quality alloy wire that functions as a resilient spring wire without distortion or fatigue, and is soldered easily without annealing. It can be heat-treated to enhance physical properties. During the soldering process, the Duraloy wire reacts similarly to stainless steel, but the chromium-cobalt wire hardens when heated, optimizing strength and durability. It is available in two tempers. Blue Duraloy is the softer of the two tempers and can be welded with low heat and soldered without embrittling. Yellow Duraloy is initially flexible and slightly harder than the Blue Duraloy. It can be heat-treated if greater resiliency or spring performance is required. Duraloy is nonmagnetic through all temperature ranges. Great Lakes offers round, square, and rectangular wires in a variety of sizes.

For more information, contact Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd, 200 Cooper Ave, PO Box 5111, Tonawanda, NY 14151-5111; (800) 828-7626;

Glenroe Technologies

Glenroe Technologies introduces Marsenol Nickel Titanium Wire, a superelastic alloy wire that uses shape memory to produce a constant force over a long period of time, while taking bends and returning to its original shape. Unique manufacturing methods increase flexibility and resistance to fatigue, resulting in longer-lasting wire. Marsenol NiTi Wire is fracture-resistant and does not take a set. Each wire is etched with a midline mark that is easy to see during wire placement in the mouth and will not wear off during treatment. Natural and European archwire forms are available in all popular sizes.

For more information, contact Glenroe Technologies, 1912 44th Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203; (800) 237-4060;

Dentaurum Inc

Dentaurum Inc offers White Wire, which provides an aesthetic orthodontic solution for patients demanding the least-visible technology. The wires are coated with an FDA-approved organic polymer. The coating is applied only to the labial surface to ensure sliding mechanics without any effect on friction values. A new high-tech manufacturing process guarantees optimal durability, strength, superior adhesion, and stain resistance. White Wire is available in a wide range of sizes in stainless steel, NiTi, and heat-activated NiTi. Dentaurum also introduces the White Wire “Rematitan Special” in beta titanium.

For more information, contact Dentaurum Inc, 10 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940; (800) 523-3946;


Masel introduces Therm-A-Form Ultra martensitic archwire, a copper-free, body heat-activated nickel titanium archwire that has lower ligating forces than copper alloy wire, making it easy to ligate. At room temperature, the wire is soft and malleable so that it readily accepts bends, is easy to ligate, and speeds insertion into the bracket slots. During treatment, outstanding shape integrity and increased resilience provide greater resistance to permanent set as well as increased moving forces for extended periods of time.

For more information, contact Masel, 2701 Bartram Rd, Bristol, PA 19007-6892; (800) 423-8227;


DynaFlex introduces DynaTherm Plus™, which is designed to have superior resiliency and withstand the most demanding clinical applications in treating misaligned teeth. DynaTherm Plus is soft at room temperature and active at 90°F. It is ideal for patients with significant crowding, yet provides low force for greater patient comfort. Light forces make for easy ligation in difficult cases.

For more information, contact DynaFlex, 10246 Bach Blvd, St Louis, MO 63132; (866) 346-5665;


Ortho-Byte introduces OrthochargerTM cosmetic nickel titanium archwires. Orthocharger archwires are coated with a synthetic, thermosetting epoxy resin utilizing a cutting-edge technology to provide better sliding mechanics. Highly elastic characteristics allow for faster tooth movement, providing continuous but gentle force over a long period of time. Because of their improved shape-memory and ability to handle high distortion without taking any permanent set, Orthocharger archwires work well even in the most severe malpositions. They resist discoloration and chipping, and they are available in a wide selection of sizes from .012-in to .021-in by 025-in.

For more information, contact Ortho-Byte, PO Box 9627, Wilmington, DE 19809; (302) 761-9877;

3M Unitek

3M Unitek offers Beta III Titanium Archwires with the extended working range of a titanium alloy and the bendability of stainless steel. Beta III Titanium Archwires are carefully processed to enhance bendability and thereby reduce the likelihood of breakage. A polished surface enhances sliding mechanics, and tight corner radii help reduce torque loss for improved appliance performance, especially in the final treatment phases. Wires are available in tapered, square, and ovoid archforms to match patient needs and meet MBTTM Appliance System requirements.

For more information, contact 3M Unitek, 3M Center, St Paul, MN 55144-1000; (800) 423-4588;

GAC International

GAC International offers BioForce®, a superelastic, body heat-activated wire that graduates in force from about 100 g in the anterior to about 300 g in the molar region, while remaining superelastic at any given point. Using biologically correct forces, BioForce moves teeth efficiently, with less round-tripping, fewer office visits, easier ligation, and greater patient comfort. BioForce provides a square, early-treatment archwire that will torque, level, and align simultaneously. It is available with an exclusive IonGuard process that produces sliding mechanics equivalent to stainless steel wire, while sealing the occlusal surface to reduce breakage and nickel leaching.

For more information, contact GAC International, 355 Knickerbocker Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716; (800) 645-5530;

Ormco Corp

Ormco Corp introduces DamonTM Copper Ni-Ti® wires with preloaded archwire stops. The stops, which are intended to prevent the wires from sliding around the arch, are held in place temporarily with sticky wax and are easily moved to the desired location on the wire for final placement. Damon Copper Ni-Ti wires are more flexible than traditional nickel titanium wires, and will not take a permanent set. The wires are available with .013-in, .014-in, .016-in, .014-in by .025-in, .016-in by .025-in, and .018-in by .025-in preloaded stops.

For more information, contact Ormco Corp, 1717 W Collins Ave, Orange, CA 92867; (800) 854-1741;

Forestadent USA

Forestadent USA introduces superelastic Triple Force Titanol archwires, which allow the movement of severely crowded teeth with light forces by using both square and rectangular wires early in treatment. The river-finish surface provides better corrosion resistance and lower friction compared to other nickel titanium wires. The wires provide maximum patient comfort, reduced chairtime, and the flexibility of using full-size wires earlier in treatment without the heavier force levels associated with regular nickel titanium wires.

For more information, contact Forestadent USA, 2301 Weldon Parkway, St Louis, MO 63146; (800) 721-4940;

Gold’n Braces Inc

Gold’n Braces® Inc offers gold-plated wires that ensure a consistent plated surface for sliding mechanics. Plated to a thickness that maintains a golden appearance for an extended period of time, the wires enhance the Midas™ bracket and the appearance of ceramic brackets.

For more information, contact Gold’n Braces Inc, 2595 Tampa Rd, Suite I, Palm Harbor, FL 34684; (800) 785-1970;

American Orthodontics

American Orthodontics offers Flexus HA archwires, which bridge the gap between heat-activated wires and superelastic nickel titanium wires. Flexus wires deliver a slightly higher force than standard heat-activated wires because they are designed to transition to their austenitic state at a lower temperature range than standard heat-activated wires. The shape-memory effect of Flexus wires occurs at a temperature range that lies between that of standard heat-activated wires and superelastic wires. Flexus wires also feature superior resiliency, making them an ideal choice for longer treatment intervals. Flexus HA archwires are available in a variety of round and rectangular cross-sections as well as two archforms.

For more information, contact American Orthodontics, 1714 Cambridge Ave, Sheboygan, WI 53082; (800) 558-7687;