Patented and available only from GAC, BioForce® is a single-strand, superelastic, heat-activated NiTi wire that provides variable forces across its length. Beginning at approximately 100 g at the incisors and gradually increasing to about 300 g at the molars, BioForce moves teeth with biologically correct forces. Users can generate the movement they desire across the entire arch using just one wire.

According to the company, BioForce can actually reduce the number of wire changes each patient requires, making your practice more time- and cost-efficient while reducing patient inconvenience and trauma. Since each tooth gets the optimal force required for movement, patient discomfort is also minimized. In addition, BioForce is available with IonGuard®, a process that changes the surface of the wire to virtually eliminate nickel reactions and dramatically reduce friction when compared to Cu NiTi wires.

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