Sirona Dental Systems, Long Island City, NY, has launched five starter handpiece kits.

The five kits include the company’s T1 spray and a variety of handpieces, including the following:

• T2 Racer, a high-speed, air-driven handpiece with titanium-plated casing and an ergonomic design;

• T2 mini, a high-speed, air-driven handpiece, similar to the T2 Racer, but with a smaller head;

• T1 CLASSIC S 200, a high-speed, electric handpiece designed for the preparation of fissures, the removal of enamel and dentin, and the smoothing of cavity margins; and

• T1 CLASSIC S 40 L, a low-speed electric handpiece version of the S 200 L.

All handpieces come with Sirona’s 3-year warranty.

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