The AAO TechSelect tool will serve as an unbiased resource for members looking for information about products and services. The first TechSelect offering focuses on fabricating aligners in-house, and provides information on the process and products, as well as special pricing with trusted partners through the TechSelect website.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) has created a new, exclusive member resource called AAO TechSelect. It was created to provide a comprehensive, unbiased resource for fabricating aligners in-house. Through this program, members can learn from AAO’s Committee on Technology (CTECH) about the process and research products. In addition, members will reportedly have access to TechSelect pricing, available from “trusted partners” through the TechSelect website.

According to the AAO, members expressed a need for unbiased tools. To that end, the AAO designed a platform with over 40 videos, guides, and interactive tools including an investment pay-back calculator all packaged inside of a user-friendly website. TechSelect reportedly features products that meet minimum technical criteria to be included and have agreed to offer the best price available to AAO members through the program. 

The “Products” resource is where each component needed to fabricate in-house aligners is explored to give the basics, to inform how to evaluate products, present side by side product comparisons, and product specific information. Members can also find an inquiry form to submit for products of interest to lock in TechSelect pricing and receive more information from partners.

According to AAO, there are several benefits to fabricating aligners in-house, including customized treatment plans, lower lab fees, and the ability to deliver aligners as soon as the same day. As the AAO puts it, these benefits provide the opportunity to expand an orthodontist’s patient base by offering high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient treatment options for minor cases.

“TechSelect gives each of our members a roadmap to creating an in-house lab for fabricating aligners which ultimately helps patients with an affordable, high-quality, and convenient solution.” said Ken Dillehay, DDS, MS, AAO 2021-2022 president. “One of the goals of the AAO’s strategic plan is to drive transformation and innovation to advance member’s success. I’m confident our members will find TechSelect a valuable resource as they explore bringing this technology to their practice.”

AAO TechSelect is the first program from the AAO’s Innovation and Transformation Fund established by the 2019 House of Delegates. Additional, TechSelect product focuses are expected in the future.