Sunstar Americas has expanded its Crayola™ line of oral care products for kids to include Butler® Crayola Prophy Paste, Butler Fluoride Foam, and Gum® Crayola Fluoride Trays.

The Butler Crayola Prophy Paste Variety Pack comes in a Crayola-themed box. Holding a total of 150 cups, the variety pack includes 50 cups each of grape, bubble gum, and orange-flavored prophy pastes.

The Butler Crayola Fluoride Foam Variety Pack offers a choice of three flavors: bubble gum, orange, and tropical punch. The light, nonaerosol foam provides effective delivery while flowing easily in and around each tooth, according to the company. The variety pack of three foam bottles is packaged in a Crayola-themed box.

The Gum Crayola Fluoride Tray Variety Pack comes packaged in a Crayola-themed drawstring backpack. The colorful, hinged fluoride trays are available in red, yellow, and blue.  They are available in small and medium sizes. 

Sunstar’s Gum Web site now features a Crayola section, which includes games, activities, contests for children, and retail coupons for parents.

For more information, visit www.gumclub.com

[Sunstar Americas, May 7, 2007]